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Oregon Seaweed

Pacific Dulse Flakes

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Sun dried dulse seaweed, ground into a flake. Dried Dulse flakes are so easy and fun to sprinkle on everything! Being that seaweed has a high salt content, these flakes can be used just like salt, or even replace salt from your kitchen. They'll add an extra umami flavor as well as protein, iodine, omega 3's and more to your meal. Buy in 1oz or a larger, 3.7oz size great for food service folks! 

Shipping & Returns

We ship seaweed out to you from Garibaldi on Monday mornings. Seaweed is shipped express with cold-packs to maintain freshness. Our fresh seaweed is perishable and not eligible for return or refund.

Please contact us at with any additional shipping questions.

Grown in the Pacific Northwest

Located on the beautiful Oregon coast, we are proud to work with our coastal communities to bring you our high-quality, nutritious, and sustainable pacific dulse seaweed.