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Oregon Seaweed

2 lbs - Pacific Dulse Seaweed

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Our freshly farmed dulse seaweed is one of a kind, grown on land using fresh seawater directly from the Oregon Coast. A versatile sea vegetable that can be added to almost any dish and is full of vitamins and minerals! There are many strains of dulse seaweed. We’ve selected our strains to strike a balance between high nutritional value, beautiful lacy and deep red colors, and fast growth to ensure our highest quality products. 

Our unique offer of fresh dulse allows you to incorporate the coast in your home cooked meals or on your restaurant's menu. Whether used raw in soups, salads, or smoothies, sautéed for a smokey savory addition to any stir fry, or baked into crispy chips, you will find that dulse adds an incredible flavor and texture to your dish. We ship fresh seaweed worldwide to be enjoyed by anybody and everybody, even those not on a coastline. 

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Shipping & Returns

We ship seaweed out to you from Garibaldi on Monday mornings. Seaweed is shipped express with cold-packs to maintain freshness. Our fresh seaweed is perishable and not eligible for return or refund.

Please contact us at with any additional shipping questions.

Grown in the Pacific Northwest

Located on the beautiful Oregon coast, we are proud to work with our coastal communities to bring you our high-quality, nutritious, and sustainable pacific dulse seaweed.